Overheard In Silver Lake


Ugh I hate hipster speed dating.

Do my pitts smell like Coachella?

I just got back from a vision quest in India and now I only eat food using my hands. Silverware is just so repressive.

Do people dance in New York?

Coachella Double Weekend: Never has Southern California experienced such a drought of recreational drugs.

I saw an entire shelf in his room dedicated to Ayn Rand and I ran out of there as fast as I could.

I asked my Ayurvedic Therapist what the meaning of life was and she replied-, “none of your business.”

She hasn’t posted on Instagram in days. I’m really worried about her.

She’s like a fair-weather vegan.

I had a date tonight but I cancelled it. I already had 4 auditions today and I can’t do another one.